Finally…My Commercial!

Me on my set--long shot
Me on my set–long shot


My commercial started airing last night.  I’ve asked them to give me a schedule of when it will air, but I doubt they will.

You can see it by clicking here.

Please give it the thumbs up, and have everyone you ever met in your life do the same.  Daily.  Is that asking too much?

If you see it on television, please let me know!

(For the full story about how this came about, click here, and if you’re interested in what it was like to tape the commercial, click here.)


©Kyle Merker 2015


4 thoughts on “Finally…My Commercial!”

  1. I always enjoy this commercial with you. I wanted to ask you what brand of shoes you wore after the lederhosen bit with the brown and red? colored.

    1. Almost all of the clothes were from some wardrobe department, but the shoes, shirt and jeans were actually mine. The shoes are Cole Haan.

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