Do YOU want to follow in my footsteps?

I need to apologize that I’ve been so obsessed with my Ancestry Commercial–it must get pretty boring for most of you.  It has been lots of fun, I’ve heard from friends I haven’t heard from in years and years.  When they put my mug on their homepage (click here) and other pages (click here), well, it kind of exploded.  As a result, I’m not so bored.

But I learned today that the end is nigh: Ancestry sent out an email to all its members, asking them to submit their stories to possibly be made into a commercial.

I clicked-through the email, and there I was, again.  Plus, they created a video about shooting the commercial.  If you’re not too sick of me, click here for the webpage and here for the video.

So I guess this star is starting to  collapse on itself, soon to be sucked back into the black hole of obscurity.   It’ll probably take them a month or two to have the new commercials ready, so I’m still going to enjoy my little piece of fame while I can.

But this is good news for youyou might have your moment to shine–why not submit your own Ancestry story?  Tell them the guy in the Lederhosen sent you.



PS – click here and give my commercial a few thumbs up now and again, maybe they will keep it running!

PSS – any idea how I can send this out to casting agents or casting directors?  I would love to parley this into something more, but don’t really know anyone or how to go about it.  I do need a retirement career.

PSSS – or maybe I’ll be come a Genealogist?


© 2015 Kyle Merker

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9 thoughts on “Do YOU want to follow in my footsteps?”

  1. I saw your commercial. It was shocking. I am also a descendent of James IV through Janet Stewart. This might be crazy but maybe we’re related. Crazier things have happened. I would be interested to know what the next few generations are after Janet Stewart to see if we are in the same line. Have a great day


  2. Hi Kyle, definitely a striking story. I’m curious if you’ve done any digging to figure out how your parents/grandparents got your background so wrong. You’d think Americans who lived in the 30s/40s especially, and come to think of it WWI as well, might not want to identify as Germans even if they were German. I’m not trying to cast aspersions on your family, but is it possible someone adopted a German persona for some political/ideological reason? My late grandmother, born to a Jewish family in Romania, and for a time a Communist, liked to identify as having French ancestry — I assume due to her feelings about French culture and history — even though as far as I can tell the only connection the family had to France was taking a ship to NYC from Le Havre. Before the onset of WWII and the horror of the Holocaust, there were many non-German Americans who admired fascist ideology.

    1. It could be something like that, and I am hoping to figure it out. We think it’s my 4th great grandfather who immigrated to the states from Germany, but there is no hard evidence. Yet.

      Seems like the Merker men had an affinity for the Irish and Scottish lasses, so whatever German was in there might have been diluted enough to be rendered insignificant. My father certainly celebrated a German heritage, but I don’t know if that is based on family lure or simply by inference based on our last name. Since the commercial aired I’ve heard from people who found their name was changed, but I’ve yet to discover anything like that.

  3. Hi, my dad loves the shoes you wear in this commercial. I wanted to see if you knew who made them so I could purchase a pair for him for Christmas. Thank you!

    1. I’ve gotten a couple of comments on my shoes! Almost all of the clothes were from some wardrobe department, but the shoes, shirt and jeans were actually mine. The shoes are Cole Haan.

  4. I’ve always enjoyed your commercial. You are full of life and happiness. I had my DNA checked, too. I found out some surprises, too.

  5. Love your commercial.. I have only been able to do one side of my family tree. I would love to find some interesting things but so far nothing all that interesting..
    BTW you look great in either outfit.

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