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Stupid is as Stupid Does

If we’re friends on Facebook, you already know this story.  For the rest of you:

Commercials are posted on a site called ispot and the commercial I’m in is there as well.  It doesn’t really get many comments, although I do get lot’s of “thumbs up!”.  I did get one comment a while ago from a guy who liked the commercial, but noticed that the kilt was wrong.  I wrote back in private, basically telling him that the wardrobe people dressed me, and that there were crimes against lederhosen as well.  It was a fun exchange.

The few comments I got, on ispot, facebook, and by email, were all positive, until today when someone commented “now he should trade his kilt for some testicles. What a pansy” [sic]

Here he is: Mr. Tim Price, a genius and a criminal!
Here he is: Mr. Tim Price, a genius and a criminal!

It didn’t really bother me, but me being me I googled the gentleman.  Several hits right away–because he’s a convicted child sex offender and is on the watch lists!  You would think he’d rather keep is head down and STFU.  But no: Stupid is as Stupid Does.

So I hit him back.  I told him I was Firefighter of the Year in 2012, and I’m OK with “Pansy”, much better than Sex Offender.  You can see the exchange here (you’ll need to scroll down to see the comments), and you can view his sex offender registry here.


2015-07-24 11.29.13

and, by the way, testicles?  I think I’ll let Betty White handle this one:


On a positive note, the guys at KiltedBros.com (NSFW!) are sending me a free kilt!  I suggested they put their label upside down on the inside front hem, and they did it, plus they loved my commercial!


I’m going back to Sea next week! Stay tuned….



(Update:  He either deleted his post on ispot, blocked me on facebook, or both!  Ha!)


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